Is Boeing on the verge of burning up?

Is Boeing following in the footsteps of its original rival McDonnell Douglas?
There were 1261 mortality and 33 fatal accidents involving the three-engine McDonnell Douglas DC-10.
The Boeing 737 MAX, which has two engines, killed 346 persons in 2 incidents, and there are still close calls.
The Boeing 757 plane lost its nose wheel as it was getting ready to take off in Atlanta for a flight to Bogota, Columbia, according to an announcement from Delta Airlines on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) today.
Did Boeing Miss to Install a Pin on the Alaska Airlines B737- Potential 9?
Harman M. Middleton, a withdrew Boeing engineer, said in an eTurboNews article that it is nothing less than terrifying to think that Boeing might follow McDonnell Douglas ‘ lead and end up in flames. He remarked:
The cargo door design on the McDonnell and Douglas DC- 10 aircraft was found to be dangerously flawed by U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB ) investigators because it could be closed without the locking mechanism being fully engaged. This condition was not visible from a visual inspection of the door or the cargo-door indicator in the cockpit. 12 groups of compression weight pads with 12 Ea “centering wires” through them? Between the skin aperture, inside lip of the aircraft, and plug and amp, is there aircraft sealant? The Boeing Renton Wing shop is where I worked. I worked in both commercial and military pre-flight check conditions. In the seven years I worked for Boeing, I witnessed a lot of terrible things, but the amazing escape of such an extremely incomplete assembly and complete lack of QA inspection verification is something that is comparatively” New.” When I retired again in 2014, I had never heard of any such insanity. Boeing is presently unmistakably heading straight for embers, just like McDonnell Douglas.
A significant American aerospace manufacturing company and defence contractor, McDonnell Douglas Corporation was established in 1967 as a result of the acquisition of McDonnair and the Douglas Aircraft Company. It produced well-known commercial and military plane between that time and its 1997 merger with Boeing, including the DC-10 and MD-80 airliners, the F-15 Eagle air superiority warrior, and the multirole F/A-18 Hornet fighter.
An American Airlines DC-10 crashed in Chicago shortly after takeoff on May 25, 1979, killing 271 individuals. The cause was determined to be a short-cut maintenance process that destroyed hydraulic lines.
Safety concerns on the DC-9 and DC-10 McDonnell Douglas are getting worse.
A Whistleblower’s Tale of Airline Safety
For many years, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas were rivals in the US aerospace industry. However, following a stock transfer worth$ 13.3 billion, Boeing was the only survivor by the end of the 20th centuries.
After the acquisition, McDonnell Douglas had to deal with difficult situations. The tragic loss of American Airlines Flight 191 on May 25, 1979, was a significant loss. 271 people on the DC- 10 plane were lost as a result of this event, as well as 2 people on foot. As a result, the business was forced to defend itself for the majority of the 1980s.
In the beginning, the DC- 10 was unable to bring in the projected income for McDonnell Douglas. The situation did n’t get better until a few years later, thanks to military contracts that gave the company hope. They were unable to stop the business from gradually considering another acquisition, despite these contracts.
The US Freedom of Information Act is in risk thanks to Boeing and FAA.
In response to Boeing’s 1997 acquisition or merger of McDonnell Douglas, Boeing relocated its headquarters to the Washington, DC, area in 2022 ( to be nearer the Pentagon ), criminally relaxed safety regulations, and made it clear what it had in mind all along:
Arrangements for the defense!
Following the B737 Max Loss, Boeing Banks on the US Military

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