Is it too risky to fly on Lufthansa owned airlines?

Eurowings is on strike! Germany is slowly changing its image from being a reliable country into a country of uncertainty and bad surprises.

This is especially true when it comes to the nation’s transportation industry with frequent strikes by their airlines and train system. Booking Lufthansa, Germanwings or Eurowings during major holiday travel is like putting your chip on red in a casino.

Lufthansa started a scheme to underpay certain staff and gave them Eurowings paychecks instead of Lufthansa. The German carrier inconvenienced passengers in shifting popular routes to Eurowings and offered less service for about the same rates.

Lufthansa’s budget carrier canceled flights scheduled for the next three days as flight attendants at sister company Germanwings prepared to strike. The cancellations will impact several airports across Germany.

Eurowings canceled more than 170 flights scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday due to strike action by flight attendants at its sister company Germanwings.

The Lufthansa low-cost carrier published the updated announcement on its website on Sunday.

Eurowings said that it was in the process of minimizing the impact on travelers and that cancellations were mainly expected to disrupt domestic flights from airports that include Cologne-Bonn, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, and Dusseldorf. Some flights linked to Austria and Switzerland have also been listed as canceled.

On Friday, German cabin crew union UFO had called on flight assistants to go on strike for 72 hours starting December 30. Tensions have been building due to disagreements concerning regulations on part-time work. Daniel Flohr, UFO’s vice-chairman, warned on Monday that there was the possibility of extending the strike past three days at short-notice if no agreement is reached. Speaking to Germany’s broadcaster ZDF’s Morgenmagazin Flohr added that “we don’t want that.”

Germanwings operates flights for Eurowings. Around 30 airplanes out of Eurowings’ fleet of 140 belong to Germanwings.