Japanese Sign Language? Japan Airlines understands

Starting today, Japan Airlines JAL will offer video remote interpreting services at select customer service centers in Japan for customers using Japanese sign language.

The JAL Group is continuously working on improving accessibility standards to help create and support a society where everyone can enjoy the joys of travel. Based on an IT service developed by ShuR Co., Ltd., the sign language interpretation service can be accessed at call centers in Japan, check-in counters at Tokyo-Haneda airport`s domestic terminal, and at the JAL Plaza ticketing counter located in downtown Tokyo, providing an option to communicate via sign language with JAL`s representatives.

In prior cases, the company had offered email, fax, and handwriting tools as a way to communicate but with the introduction of the new service, the carrier will now offer an option to communicate through sign language.

Applicable Locations (Japan Region)
1 International and Domestic Reservation Center
2 JAL Mileage Bank (JMB)
3 JAL Priority Guest Center
4 JAL Customer Support Desk
5 JAL Card – Call Center
6 International and Domestic Tour Group Reservation Desk
7 JAL Plaza – Ticketing Counter
8 Haneda Airport – Domestic Terminal (Trial until end of March 2019)