Kazakhstan aims to improve air travel for children with mental disabilities

Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Committee and a Chairman of the AUTISM KAZAKHSTAN National Association of AUTISM KAZAKHSTAN held a meeting today to work out proposals for improving availability of air transportation for children with mental disabilities (autism, Down’s syndrome, psycho-speech delays etc.)

According to the association, currently more than 3 thousand children with autistic syndrome (ASD) are registered in Kazakhstan and this problem is very acute. According to the forecast data, the category of passengers with mental disorders using air transport will grow further.

Representatives of Aviation Administration of KazakhstanJSC, regular commercial airlines, as well as representatives of major Kazakhstan airports that are directly involved in the process of passenger service were also invited to the meeting.

The aviation industry officials were commissioned to inform airport and airline personnel to compile a reminder, to study the international experience, to discusss the possibility of training the personnel for handling passengers with mental disorders.

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development will continue working on providing the necessary conditions for air transportation all categories of passengers.