KLM Agent in the Philippines saved American Traveler in Moscow and gets awarded twice

She was declared an eTN Heroe in July, and she just received the Customer Experience Award from KLM Dutch Airline in Amsterdam. Regina Fernandez Ortaleza is a shining example on how customer service can pay off not only for the customer when done well.

A Philipino based KLM Call Center customer service agent made a huge difference in the travel experience of an  American traveler trying to board a KLM Codeshare flight in Moscow.  Regina Fernandez Ortaleza managed to do the impossible for Liana Cemenski, a KLM passenger from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Skyteam Alliance failed,  Delta Airlines knowingly gave wrong information, KLM Code Share Partner Aeroflot failed, and KLM Customer Service Agents in Moscow simply refused to get involved in the issue. When Regina took over from the KLM Call Center located in the Philippines she didn’t take no for an answer and assured Leana made her flight from Moscow to Amsterdam. Now KLM Executives recognized this effort and awarded one of their best.

The travel and tourism industry is an industry of peace and friendship and many heroes. Regina Ortaleza a KLM customer service agent was declared an eTN Hero as explained in eTN’s article published on July 8, 2019: Skyteam a non-functioning Airline Alliance? Regina at KLM call center in Manila is the eTN Hero

Today the KLM passenger featured in the article Ms. Cemenski,  forwarded a letter from Regina Ortaleza to eTurboNews saying:

My name is Regina, I was the one who assisted you on your flight from Mosco to Minneapolis on 01Jun19 booking code UROETM.

I would just like to say thank you for the article that was written about the service I had with you on the phone. I apologize that it took a while for fixing your ticket at that time, but I was really glad you were able to make it to your flight. Would you be so kind as to say thank you to Dymtro who were to one I was spoken to on the phone? He told me about making an article about me and the experience you had. Because of that article, I was chosen by KLM to be awarded for Customer Experience and they have sent me to the Netherlands to receive the Customer Experience Award.

Regina Ortaleza received the Customer Experience Award by KLM siting in the eTurboNews Article.

I just want to extend my gratitude. I hope everything is going well for you.

Honolulu based eTN reporter Dmytro Makarov, who speaks fluent Russian and assisted during the situation from the eTN newsroom said: “I like to congratulate Regina for her well-deserved award. Her story restored my belief in airline customer service and KLM/Air France as an important member of our wonderful industry. Regina is a person symbolizing the pride of the travel and tourism industry. This industry is all about experience and customer service. Regina is a shining example that it sometimes takes an extra step to make a huge difference for a traveler and client.”

eTN Publisher Juergen Steinmetz said: “I am so pleased Regina was recognized for her action not only by us but by KLM. This sets an important signal for the Dutch National Carrier about how they see the importance of customer service. Regina symbolized the best of the best, she made our entire industry proud. We wish her well.”

100 years of KLM. Experience shows, and Regina’s business class experience was something she will never forget.

KLM Executive team awards eTN Hero Regina Ortaleza for

KLM Business Class: 100 years of experience shows.