Korean Air relocated to Incheon Airport Terminal 2 1

Korean Air relocated to Incheon Airport Terminal 2

Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal 2 (T2) has officially opened. Korean Air, the nation’s largest flagship carrier, has now relocated its operations from T1 to T2 and welcome passengers with an automated and innovative airport service. A total of four airlines now operate out of T2 – Korean Air, Delta Air Lines, Air France and KLM – all members of SkyTeam.

Thanks to T2’s cutting-edge technology, an eco-friendly architectural design and many other convenient passenger facilities, the new terminal at Incheon International Airport will strengthen its position as a main hub in Northeast Asia.

■ Exclusive terminal for SkyTeam to ensure fast and seamless travel experience

The new terminal enables passengers of the four airlines moving into T2 a more convenient and transformed airport service. The design of the new terminal strives to provide customers with a seamless and convenient airport experience, including check-in, lounge, boarding and a reduced transit time.

Korean Air has increased the number of check-in kiosks and automated bag-drop machines at T2. The new terminal has also introduced 24 of the newest screening devices and the technology in this terminal ensures passengers’ check-in, immigration and transit time is reduced by up to 20 minutes compared to T1.

To shorten passengers’ waiting time for their checked luggage, a high-speed system to transport baggage has been deployed in T2. Meanwhile, the access to the airport will be more convenient than before, with the bus and airport train stations located right beside T2.

■ Special service for High Class Passengers

There is also new exclusive check-in facilities for High Class passengers at T2. Korean Air welcome First Class passengers at a new ‘Premium check-in Lounge’ which will act as a one-stop concierge service, including check-in, baggage check, immigration information, and even welcome drinks. Prestige Class passengers and frequent flyers such as Million Miler Club and Morning Calm Premium members will be welcomed at ‘Premium Check-in Counters’.

After the check-in procedure, customers will enjoy an extraordinary experience at the newly opened Lounges. A luxurious lounge with only 30 seats is ready to welcome First Class passengers, and west and east located lounges with 400 seats and 200 seats each will provide a haven where Prestige Class passengers can relax before their flights. In addition, a lounge exclusively for Korean Air high milers, including Million Miler Club and Morning Calm Premium members, will open separately to further enhance the service for Korean Air Premium customers.

■ Smarter and more convenient… Environmental-friendly design to be noticed

T2’s environmentally-friendly design will also be an attractive point for visiting passengers. Adapting highly-efficient technology such as natural lighting, natural ventilation and renewable energy, will save about 40% of energy compared with T1. There are also large-scale indoor gardens to provide relaxation spaces for airport users.

Other features include, sleeping boxes for passengers wanting to catch up on a few hours’ sleep while in transit as well as an observatory to view the runways and aircraft. There is also the ‘Great Hall’, which is a large performance hall, is designed to hold various kinds of cultural performances.

‘Location-based service’ is a newly launched service, which will work with passengers’ smartphones to provide useful information to passengers based on their actual location. When, for example, if a passenger is close to the departure gate, useful information will automatically show up on their phone, such as their boarding pass, location of the lounge, flight time etc.

■ Korean Air and Delta Air Lines trans-Pacific Joint Venture creates a synergy effect with T2

Once Korean Air and Delta Air Line’s joint venture is in effect, the number of passengers who want to travel to and transit through Korea is likely to rise, which in turn will help to strengthen Incheon Airport’s position as a key aviation hub in Asia. With Korean Air’s Pacific and Southeast Asian route network, combined with Delta Air Line’s US route network, there is likely to be an increase in transfer passengers and the new features at Terminal 2 will offer a reduced transfer time and a unified service.

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