Large-scale facial recognition coming to Russian airports in 18 months

Major Russian airports are already testing face recognition algorithms, including the FindFace technology of NtechLab and other developers, while the large-scale system rollout may take up to eighteen months, General Director of NtechLab Alexander Minin sa.

The company is currently holding negotiations for introduction of its technology to ensure airport safety and control of the landside and airside, the top manager said, refusing to name airports. “Negotiations are underway but we cannot disclose information so far. Pilot projects are implemented at present. We are not the only ones, whose algorithm is tested, and we therefore cannot comment in detail before official tenders are announced. If we speak about major Russian airports, so to say, I think results of pilot projects will be known as early as by late 2019-early 2020, and we will be able to make a kind of a public statement,” Minin noted.

The process of system rollout usually takes about six months but the realistic timeframe is about eighteen months needed for the completion of pilot projects and introducing changes to safety rules and procedures and amendments to current laws, the top manager added.

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