Learn about tourism safety and security?

In cooperation with Tourism Safety & Security Professionals (TSSP),  The Tourism Safety Security Safety Professionals Conference sponsored by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is a must to attend event for anyone caring about the well-being of visitors and the safety and prosperity of this global industry.

The International Tourism Safety & Security Professionals Conference in Las Vegas will bring law enforcement, security experts and leading members of the hospitality, aviation, and travel trade together to learn and discuss, and to make travel a safer and more profitable activity.

The TOPPS Certification can be obtained for anyone completing the course on April 26 and 27.

The General sessions are scheduled for April 28-29 with an award lunch and alumni celebration.

This is the 27th edition of this conference under the leadership of Dr. Peter Tarlow, president of Tourism and More and  Safer Tourism.

The venue is the  Las Vegas Convention Center. A group of world-class experts and speakers will be on a packed agenda.

Last year participants came from more than 40 countries.

Decisive, Disciplined and Under Fire will be the presentation by Glenn Simpson, director of Special Operation talking about a first responder’s experience from the Las Vegas Route 92 Harvest Festival mass shooting.

Tourism Safety & Security Professionals (TSSP) 2020 is the premier international conference focused specifically on all facets of Tourist Safety. This network of professionals includes hundreds of professionals within the Medical, Security, and Tourism industries as well as Government organizations. Each year this group gathers to Connect with one another and Collaborate on new and tested methodologies and strategies that improve tourist safety outlooks across the world. Attendees are offered the opportunity to educate themselves on a wide range of topics of their choice, as well as share their experiences with others for the collective benefit of all.

Space is always limited at this usually sold-out event. Early bird tickets are now available for $499.00. Click here for more information.