Love Actually is all around at Heathrow now

18 years on from first hitting the big screen, the iconic opening scene of Love Actually at Heathrow has been recreated for today’s times.

Love Actually script-supervisor Lisa Vick has modernized the monologue first voiced by Hugh Grant in the 2003 box office hit, whose words reminded people that love can be found everywhere. 

The new words reflect the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic and the emotion of reuniting with friends and family as the world slowly opens back up. The one-minute recreation is narrated by British actress Martine McCutcheon, who played Natalie in the movie. 

The scene has been reshot at Heathrow Terminal 3, the same location it was filmed in almost two decades ago. It features footage of real-life passengers emerging in Arrivals and reuniting with loved ones in time for Christmas, after months and even years of being apart.

The festive film launches as Heathrow expects to face a busy Christmas despite demand being suppressed by the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Research commissioned by Heathrow earlier this year found that two in three people (62 percent) haven’t seen a loved one in over a year, with 40 percent of the UK having loved ones who live abroad. 

Following the easing of travel restrictions, Heathrow has seen increases in people booking flights this winter as travelers set their sights on flying home for Christmas. Additional data from Heathrow reveals the weekend of 17/18/19th December are set to be the most popular days to travel during the Christmas period, with Dubai, New York and Dublin the most popular destinations.

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