Lufthansa Hub Munich validated and certified as sustainable

Lufthansa Hub Munich has been successfully validated for the first time according to the demanding European environmental regulation EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) and certified with the international standard ISO 14001 for environmental management systems. Lufthansa is thus setting an important example of corporate environmental responsibility at its Munich location.

Wilken Bormann, CEO Lufthansa Hub Munich, said on the occasion of the first EMAS validation: ”We are very pleased with this success, which we were able to achieve with the implementation of our pilot project in Munich. In this way, we also meet our premium standards in the areas of environment and sustainability and thus also the requirements of our customers’ increased environmental awareness”.

Peter Taubitz, Lufthansa’s environmental officer at the Munich location, adds:

”A professionally implemented and structured environmental management system leads not only to ecological but also to economic improvements. Our employees are also highly committed to our environmental goals”.

In 2008, the Lufthansa Group launched a strategic environmental program comprising 15 guidelines. In addition to continuous fleet modernization and active noise abatement measures, key components include the gradual expansion of certified and validated environmental management systems in the large Group companies. This claim is also documented in the Lufthansa Group Code of Conduct.

The environmental management system at Lufthansa Hub Munich in accordance with EMAS was implemented in cooperation with Lufthansa CityLine. Following the successful EMAS validation in Munich, Lufthansa is considering extending the validated and certified environmental management system to other locations.

EMAS is an environmental management and audit scheme developed by the European Union – a seal of quality for sustainable environmental management whose requirements companies can voluntarily adapt. The company’s environmental management system is reviewed in detail by external auditors.