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Middle East executives: Leading an airline in 2021 1

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Middle East executives: Leading an airline in 2021


  1. Middle East aviation standards are bringing new levels of comfort, services, and onboard amenities to travelers.
  2. The aviation industry around the globe has been hit hard by COVID-19 and all its ramifications.
  3. Over the first 5 months of 2021, capacity levels were down by around half compared to pre-pandemic levels.

IATA traffic data for March 2021 showed capacity has been down 80 percent compared to March 2019. The recovery is happening, and more of the world is beginning to open up, but the road ahead remains a challenge.

In a recent CAPA – Centre for Aviation live event, Richard Maslen, European Content Editor for CAPA, said: “It cannot be denied the lead in any part of an airline in 2021, 2022, and even onwards, is going to look very different than ever before.”

Read on – or listen to – this informative and timely conversation with Middle East aviation heavy hitters Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) Secretary General Abdul Wahab Teffaha, Qatar Airways Chief Transformation Officer Thiery Antinori, and Gulf Air Acting CEO Waleed Al Alawi.

Richard Maslen:

The impact of COVID-19 has required all airlines to reassess their processes, innovate and adapt to a new world order. Our regular critical thinking panel has this month come to the middle east and we’re delighted to be joined by Mr. Abdul Wahab Teffaha, Secretary General of Arab Air Carriers Organization, Mr. Thiery Antinori, chief commercial officer at Qatar airways, and Mr. Waleed Al Alawi, acting CEO of Gulf Air. So I think it’s quite important to begin with, to actually get an understanding of the local area and how it has been hit by COVID over the last 18 months. So Mr Abdul Wahab Teffaha, can you just give us a brief introduction as to how the middle east and the Arab airlines have been hit by COVID and what the situation is right now?

Middle East executives: Leading an airline in 2021
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