Millennials twice as likely to choose foreign holiday package than Baby Boomers

  • 4 in 10 eager Brits are holding out for an overseas holiday this year
  • Younger generations more likely to choose a package holiday than book a DIY trip
  • The research also shows that more women are likely to book a package holiday than men

Twice as many under 25s surveyed will opt for a package holiday (55%) than those who are 55 and over (26%), according to the stats, proving that older is not necessarily wiser when it comes to being prepared for the unexpected in a COVID-19 world.

Nearly 38% of people are planning to book 2021 overseas holiday this year with the Global Travel Taskforce report being announced on April 12.

The research shows 25% of respondents are ONLY interested in taking a holiday abroad, while 13% plan to take both an overseas vacation AND a staycation after months of being stuck at home.

Of the remainder, 40% are planning a UK-based holiday, with 21% not planning a holiday at all.

The age groups that is most holding out a holiday abroad, and therefore the most likely to book, are the:

  • 16-24s (32% of whom can’t wait to go abroad this year);
  • followed by the 25-34s (29%);
  • the 35-44s (28%) and
  • the 45-54s (25%).