Moscow Domodedovo Airport: Over 60% of passengers opt for online check-in 1

Moscow Domodedovo Airport: Over 60% of passengers opt for online check-in

S7 Airlines and Moscow Domodedovo Airport looked into how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced digital passenger services, paying particular attention to contactless check-in and pre-boarding identification procedures.

Studies show that in November 62,6% of passengers opted for online check-in on S7 Airlines flights at Domodedovo Airport, a 10,3% year-over-year rise.

Moreover, one out of five travelers used electronic boarding passes. The technology allows passengers to enter a pre-departure screening zone in the departure area or board a flight.

Travelers to Sochi were the most active users of the mentioned technologies, with over 40% of passengers resorting to digital services.
“This year electronic services have gained extra perks, both saving time and reducing contacts. S7 Airlines mobile app helps passengers to prepare for an upcoming flight by choosing a seat, checking-in, receiving a boarding pass. At Domodedovo, passengers do not have to print anything as they can simply use their phone to go through the gates. We are delighted to see a rising number of passengers acting in this manner”, notes Svetlana Kulyukina, Passenger Experience Department Director at S7 Group.

“The COVID-19 pandemic might lead to rising demand for digital pre-departure services at the airport. It saves time, reduces social contacts and matches the requirements for passenger experience, generated by the pandemic”, said Igor Borisov, Director at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

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