Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport to open third runway on September 19

Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport announced that its third runway will open on September 19.

“On September 19, 2019, the third runway will be put into operation at Sheremetyevo International Airport,” the airport said.

The decision to build the third flight strip in Sheremetyevo was made in 2009.

Initially, it was planned to make the new runway operational by the start of the 2018 World Cup but the launch of the new flight strip was postponed several times. The last time the opening was scheduled on September 1 but was postponed again.

The Transport Ministry then reported that the commissioning of the third runway at Sheremetyevo would ensure the growth of takeoff and landing operations to 100 per hour from 70 per hour now.

According to the Sheremetyevo website, now the number of takeoff and landing operations per hour is 55 and with the introduction of the third runway, their number should increase to 90.

In addition to the new runway, in 2019 in Sheremetyevo plans to launch terminal C1 with the acceptance rate of 20 mln passengers. In 2021, the airport is to launch terminal C2 with the acceptance rate of 10 million passengers.