National Poll Shows Overwhelming Opposition To Proposed Increases In Airport Traveler Tax

National Poll Shows Overwhelming Opposition To Proposed Increases In Airport Traveler Tax

The Passenger Facility Charge (PFC)  in the US. should be increased. It’s a tax that travelers pay when using U.S. airports. By law, the tax is currently capped at $4.50 per flight segment and $18 per roundtrip flight per passenger, but the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure is considering legislation that would increase the tax, possibly removing the cap entirely.

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Some airport executives and some members of Congress have called for an increase

A new survey of 1,608 registered voters nationwide conducted by Whitman Insight Strategies (WINS) indicates that 80% oppose increasing the PFC tax. Opposition to proposed PFC increases is bipartisan, with 83% of Democrats and 81% of Republican voters expressing their opposition in the poll.

Increase to Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) – Support/Oppose





Total Support





Total Oppose





Strongly Support





Somewhat Support





Somewhat Oppose





Strongly Oppose





The poll data suggest that a major reason for strong opposition to PFC increases that benefit airport is that the public sees this issue as an unnecessary tax increase on average Americans and a mix-up of transportation infrastructure priorities.

According to the survey, most Americans (65%) are satisfied with the quality of the country’s airports, and 85% believe that airports already receive enough in taxpayer subsidies to fund improvement projects. Aside from paying the existing PFC taxes, most Americans surveyed said that in the past year they had spent money in airports on food/beverages (66%), on WiFi access (62%), and on sit-down meals or drinks (53%) – all additional sources of revenue for airports.

Comparatively, fewer than half (42%) say they are satisfied with the quality of America’s roads and bridges, railways (49%) or public transportation systems (45%). And according to the poll, a majority (56%) of Americans believe that the quality and condition of the country’s roads and bridges has gotten worse over the past 5 years. When queried specifically about transportation infrastructure priorities, 82% of the country would prefer to see Congress spend time and resources funding road, rail and port improvements instead of airports.

“Opposition to increasing the PFC tax is overwhelming and bipartisan,” said Scott Kotchko, President of Whitman Insight Strategies, the firm that conducted the poll. “The average American thinks our airports themselves are great, that they’re already well-funded, and believes that Congress should focus on improving our crumbling roads and bridges instead of taxing families to give more money to airports. It’s the transportation version of the rich getting richer,” Mr. Kotchko continued.

The national survey of 1,608 registered voters was conducted online from July 9th to July 14, 2019, by Whitman Insight Strategies on behalf of Airlines for America (A4A). The margin of error for the total sample is ±2.44% at the 95% confidence level. The sampling procedure was designed to ensure that the sample is representative and projectable on the current population of registered U.S. voters.

Whitman Insight Strategies (WINS) is a market research and insights firm based in New York City that serves clients in the corporate, issue, and political spheres.

Airlines for America (A4A) advocates on behalf of its members to shape crucial policies and measures that promote safety, security and a healthy U.S. airline industry. A4A works collaboratively with airlines, labor, Congress, the Administration and other groups to improve aviation for the traveling and shipping public.

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