New executive vice president is named by Boeing

Beginning on April 1, Uma Amuluru will serve as Boeing’s fresh CEO and executive vice president of human resources. Michael D’Ambrose, who will leave in July, will be replaced by Amuluru.
In her new position at Boeing, Amuluru will be in charge of overseeing skills planning, world skill acquisition, learning and development, compensation and benefits, staff and labor relations, as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives. She may serve as a member of the bank’s Executive Council and report directly to David Calhoun, the President and CEO of Boeing.
Uma, according to Calhoun, is a remarkable leader who has succeeded in putting together excellent teams and improving complex organizations. As their efforts, viewpoints, and innovations enable us to improve our excellence and win the trust of significant stakeholders, ensuring the continuing development of our 170, 000 world employees will continue to be a top priority.
The President and CEO of Boeing added,” Uma is ideally suited to lead our efforts to support and build our global workforce as we focus on Boeing’s path forward because of her deep understanding of our business and its people, including through her work as the first chief compliance agent.”
Amuluru has served as vice president and general guidance for Boeing Defense, Space &amp, Security since the beginning of 2023. Due to this, Amuluru served as Boeing’s first general compliance officer, founded the Global Compliance organization, and served on the Executive Council. Former federal attorney Amuluru served in top positions in the US government before joining Boeing in 2017, including as President Barack Obama’s associate White House Counsel and consultant to the U.S. Attorney General.
Calhoun thanked Mike D’Ambrose for his steadfast and passionate help of Boeing’s workers. He praised Mike for his management and dedication during a crucial and challenging period for the business. Mike has fostered a compassionate tradition among coworkers over the course of four years and given skills development initiatives top priority. Moreover, he has been instrumental in improving Boeing’s international presence by modernizing the human resources division and luring top candidates.
After helping with the command change, D’Ambrose is scheduled to leave in July. He joined Boeing in July 2020 after gaining more than forty years of business knowledge, including managing global human resources team at organizations like ADM, Citigroup, First Data, and Toys’R ‘ Us. Boeing appoints eTurboNews as its fresh executive vice president. 

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