Pan Am International Flight Academy: Takeshi Negishi names president

Pan Am International Flight Academy and parent company ANA Holdings have announced a change in leadership. Mr Takeshi Negishi has been named President and CEO and will lead from Pan Am’s world headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Mr. Negishi comes to Pan Am with decades of experience in Aviation and the Aviation Training sector. Prior to being tapped as Pan Am’s CEO, Mr. Negishi served as Senior Vice President of Aerospace & Electronics Company at ANA Trading. Prior to this, Mr. Negishi worked as General Manager in the Aircraft Department at ANA, as well as General Manager of ANA’s Panda Flight Academy. He has been in Aviation Business Development, Aircraft Purchasing, Planning and Administration, and Flight Crew & Pilot Training, all for All Nippon Airways with service of more than twenty years.

Mr. Negishi, whose friends and associates call “Tak,” takes leadership of Pan Am’s global training capabilities, as highly skilled pilots and crew are in steady demand with growth anticipated. The company owns and operates training centers in the U.S. and Europe, with an operating partnership with parent company ANA Holdings in Tokyo and in recently opened Bangkok, Thailand. Pan Am provides flight simulation and training on nearly all major aircraft types with over 200 professional training programs and instructors training on over 50 full flight simulators.

“Pan Am International Flight Academy is a company that holds an outstanding history,” states Mr. Negishi. “My pledge is to further the prosperity and legacy passionately crafted by our predecessors…and to focus on the customer experience with a goal to become the industry’s preferred choice for Pilot, Mechanics, Flight Attendant, Air Traffic Controller, Dispatcher, and Cadet Training with Airline Transition.”

Pan Am International Flight Academy is one of only a handful of training organizations capable of providing 100% of airline training requirements, has its origins in Pan American World Airways as its original training division, and operates under one of the most recognized brands in the world. Pan Am welcomes all inquires.