Resume for Kagoshima airlines with Hong Kong Airlines Direct

Beginning on March 31, 2024, Hong Kong Airlines likely resume its normal daily flights to Kagoshima. This growth of the company’s road network in Japan’s Kyushu region provides travelers with more options for travel.
Following the restoration of the Kumamoto course in December last year and the release of Fukuoka support in April, Hong Kong Airlines is expanding its existence in the Kyushu marketplace by introducing Kagoshima as its next destination in the area. Northern and Southern Kyushu may be connected via this new course, providing a practical network for travelers. The airlines are completely appropriate for cherry blossom season because they take place three times a year on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Tourists have a flexible schedule to enjoy peach blossom seeing thanks to morning departures and day returns.
The Kagoshima way, which has received a nice welcome from travellers since its inception in 2014, has had a significant impact on Hong Kong Airlines ‘ record. After a four-year break, Hong Kong Airlines is pleased to restore clear services to Kagoshima by serving as the Company’s second location in the Kyushu region. This action aims to integrate this well-known airport into the expanding Japanese system.
Kagoshima, which is located at the northernmost point of Kyushu, has a lovely weather and abundant natural beauty all year long. Its powerful volcanic ground, abundant hot springs, and many World Natural Heritage sites make it a popular tourist destination in Kyushu. Additionally, Kagoshima is renowned for its diverse collection of top-notch agricultural and culinary products, as well as its traditional arts and coastal pursuits, making it possible for visitors to have a memorable experience.
Hong Kong Airlines has gradually introduced and reinstated planes to different places in Japan over the past year. Scheduled flights include those to Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Nagoya, Tokyo ( Narita ), Osaka, Okinawa, Sapporo, as well as seasonal flights to Hakodate and Yonago. The airline will continue to constantly look for further, exciting destinations for travelers. eTurboNews | eTN: Hong Kong Airlines Resumes Direct Kagoshima Planes 

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