Russia Resumes Flights to France and Czech Republic

  • Russia air service from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Paris and Nice.
  • Russia restarts Moscow to Prague flights.
  • To date, Russia re-launched air service with 48 countries.

Russia announced official resumption of flights with France and the Czech Republic starting on Saturday, July 24.

French and Russian airlines, such as Air France, Aeroflot and others, will be able to operate four flights a week between Moscow and Paris and Moscow and Nice. There will be two flights a week between St. Petersburg and these French cities.

Czech and Russian carriers, such as Czech Airlines and Aeroflot will also be able to resume operating flights between Moscow, Russia and Prague, Czech Republic.

However, at the moment, the decision to resume flights with these countries appears to be just a formality, since no airline has announced plans to resume scheduled direct flights between the Russian Federation, France and Czech Republic.

Russian officials also announced the decision to expand the program of regular flights to Austria, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ethiopia and Lebanon from July 24.

To date, the Russian Federation has resumed air traffic with 48 states.

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