Russian airlines lost 3.2 billion rubles from ‘flight ban’ to Georgia

Russian airlines lost 3.2 billion rubles from ‘flight ban’ to Georgia 1

Russian airlines lost 3.2 billion rubles from Putin’s Georgia ‘flight ban’

Russian airlines estimate their losses from the ban on flights to Georgia, introduced at the height of the “high” tourist season by decision of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, at 3.2 billion rubles.

The calculation of losses carried out according to the methodology of the Federal Air Transport Agency, was submitted by the affected airlines to Russia’s Ministry of Transport.

The greatest losses were suffered by Ural Airlines – 1,3 billion rubles. The damage to Aeroflot amounted to 700 million rubles. The Pobeda low-cost airline lost 400 million rubles, Red Wings lost almost 120 million rubles, Smartavia (the new Nordavia brand) lost almost 100 million rubles. Losses of S7 reached 600 million rubles, a representative of the airline said.

Airlines in their calculations took into account lost revenue during the summer season. In addition, the planes intended for flights to Georgia were mostly idle in July, and it were reassigned to other routes only in August.

Employees of three of the six affected airlines admit that carriers do not expect to receive compensation from the budget, which was promised immediately after the ban was introduced.

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