Russian visitors killed in Greece helicopter crash

Two Russian visitors were killed in a helicopter crash off the Greek island of Poros, Russian Embassy spokesman said today.

“There were two Russian nationals on board the helicopter that crashed near Poros. Both of them, as well as the Greek pilot were killed,” the diplomat said.

He said “all necessary measures are taken by the embassy’s consular section” to repatriate the bodies. The diplomat declined to give the names of the dead or other details of the crash.

According to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, a private helicopter crashed into the see south of the port of Poros at 3:40pm local time.

It is known that it was an Agusta A-109 helicopter, owned by a local entrepreneur who leased it for commercial use. The helicopter had been leased by two Russian nationals for a flight from the town of Galatas to the international airport of Athens. According to eyewitnesses, the copter rammed into electricity transmission lines, caught fire and crashed into the water 50 meters off the coast.

The divers have retrieved the bodies. The Russian Embassy has confirmed that all three on board were men.

Earlier reports suggested that a Russian woman with a child had been on board the helicopter.

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