Santa Claus is authorized to fly through American aircraft.

Pablo Rodriguez, Canada’s minister of transportation, announced today that Santa Claus and his team of nine deer had safely passed a stringent documentation and evaluation procedure. They are now permitted to fly in French airport as a result.
The Canadian Prime Minister just got in touch with Minister Rodriguez and emphasized how crucial it was for him to oversee the efficient operation of Canada’s supply chains and give Santa permission to travel. To ensure that items are delivered to kids across Canada on time, this is essential. Importantly, Santa’s team is actively assisting Canada in achieving its net-zero and climate goals by using an environmentally friendly sled.
According to monthly method, the minister conducts a personal review of all the paperwork pertaining to Santa Claus and carefully examines it twice. Santa has reciprocally provided a duplicate of his flight stay, his pre-flight inventory ( excluding the naughty/nice list ), and has duly declared that he has gotten enough sleep in preparation for the impending lengthy voyage.
Every year, Transport Canada inspectors go to the North Pole to check Santa’s sleigh and make sure all of its security features—landing products, de-icing systems, and navigational aids—are in good working order. This time, they also measured the sleighbells ‘ size and made sure Rudolph’s nose was at its brightest.
For a safe and happy trip time, Transport Canada extends its warmest wishes to all Canadians. It is kindly advised for people using modes of transportation other than a horse to arrive at airports and train channels well in advance, following the suggested safety precautions, and being considerate of other passengers.
Santa Claus has been authorized to fly in French airport. 

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