Saudi Arabia commemorates 35 years of travel between the UK and Washington.

At the exit switch at Washington Dulles International Airport, memorial mementos were given out to guests in honor of this step. Specific presentations were also made to honor and commemorate this historic event on board.
Hisham Khalifa, the Lead Agent for Customer Services, was given a Certificate of Appreciation by Khaled Alehedeb, Regional Saudia Manager for North &amp, South America, during the aircraft event after being present for the first Saudi Arabia journey.
Mr. Alehedeb remarked,” It is very appropriate that we recognize an employee who is still with us after 35 years, on a time when we commemorate the first flight to arrive in this wonderful city ,35 years ago.”
This is evidence of Saudi Arabia’s dedication to both its clients and its workers.
Saudi Arabia’s heat communication has been crucial in boosting ties between the two countries and supporting important industries like company, tourism, and finance since the start of flights to Washington in 1988. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has expanded its offerings to offer excellent travel experiences to students studying abroad, in Washington, and their families, as well as to Muslim community members traveling to the Hajj and Umrah.
On 665 planes between the Kingdom and Washington in 2023, Saudi Arabia transported more than 152,800 passengers. There are currently 14 regular flights scheduled, including eight airlines to and from Jeddah and six planes from Riyadh. The Boeing 777 from Saudi Arabia, which has totally enclosed first class suites for a better travel experience, is in charge of all of these flights.
Regarding Saudia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s emblem is flown by Saudia. The firm, which was founded in 1945, has rapidly grown to be one of the biggest airlines in the area.
The airport operates a vast world road network that includes all 28 domestic terminals in Saudi Arabia and covers about 100 destinations across four continents.
At the APEX Official Airline Ratings awards, Saudi Arabia recently received the” World Class Airlines 2024″ designation for the second time in a row. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has moved up 11 positions in the Skytrax Airlines World Best Airlines 2023 performance. According to a report by Cirium, the airline also placed first among international airlines for best on-time performance ( OTP).
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Saudi Arabia Honors 35 Times of Planes Between the Kingdom and Washington, according to eTurboNews| ETN 

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