Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh Air Joins UN Global Compact

Saudi Arabia’s recently launched airline, Riyadh Air, disclosed its membership in the United Nations Global Compact ( UNGC ) today. The UNGC is recognized as the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world and is dedicated to promoting responsible business practices and promoting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ).
Tony Douglas, the CEO of Riyadh Air, has written a text to UN Secretary General António Guterres expressing his formal commitment to putting into practice the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. As active participants in the UNGC, Riyadh Air may adopt green and morally responsible policies in key areas such as human rights, work, atmosphere, and anti- problem. These initiatives will remain periodically reported on.
To help achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) by 2030, Riyadh Air will collaborate with partners and stakeholders. Riyadh Air intends to relieve its annual Sustainability Report before its first flight in the middle of 2025 as part of this commitment.
Riyadh Air, the company’s CEO, Tony Douglas, stated,” We are aware of our environmental impact and dedicated to constantly contributing to the Kingdom’s sustainability goals by adopting world-class techniques and leading our economy in integrating ESG into every aspect of our company.”
Our contemporary Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft and GeNX 1B website are well known for their increased economic impact concerns, and more generally, ESG strategies are at the forefront of how Riyadh Air functions. We make a commitment to follow our lead, and sustainability may be present throughout the entire airline, from flight and ground operations to the office tradition, to transportation, to perhaps to home-based Riyadh Air employees. This is a fantastic option for a start-up airport to do the right point right away, Douglas continued.
The UNGC, which was started in July 2000, is a volunteer agreement signed by the UN to encourage the adoption of accountable and sustainable business methods and techniques by businesses all over the world. By joining the UNGC, Riyadh Air may gain access to numerous tools and resources to improve the learning, education, and growth of its staff in all aspects of sustainability.
Ibrahim Alhelali, Executive Director, UNGC said,” We are pleased to announce that Riyadh Air has joined the UN Global Compact network in Saudi Arabia. Their decision to join the network one year prior to starting operations demonstrates their commitment to responsible business practices, which is demonstrated by their decision to do so. 

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