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Seychelles now connected to Bucharest 1

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Seychelles now connected to Bucharest


  1. Seychelles CEO welcomes first charter in a series connecting passengers to the island nation.
  2. Approximately 500 passengers will arrive within the next 4 weeks as the islands reopen tourism.
  3. Between March 15 and April 15, 2021, Seychelles has recorded 15,465 visitors disembarking on its shores.

The charter, first of a series, is expected for the next 4 weeks and will connect some 500 passengers to the small island destination, which has reopened its doors for tourism since March 2021. 

The passengers disembarked from the A320Neo aircraft, Pti Merl Dezil into sunny Seychelles and were entertained by a group of local dancers dressed in traditional attires performing cultural dances and songs. 

Making their arrival in paradise memorable, visitors received a small token from the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) while waiting for their documents to be processed by the health and immigration officers.

Seychelles now connected to Bucharest
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