Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher to fly higher with the New Airbus A320neo

The iconic Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher spreads its wings wider as the Seychelles’ national carrier; name its new acquisition after this rare endemic species.

It was a proud moment for the nation as Air Seychelles welcomed the Airbus A320neo on Friday August 2nd 2019 with ceremonial water canon salute, making it the first airline in the Indian Ocean and Africa to operate the aircraft.

Talking about the procurement of the new aircraft Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Alan Renaud mentioned a symbolic of a new era.

The Principal Secretary was present at the inaugural ceremony alongside high government officials, Air Seychelles management team and Airbus representatives.

Principal Secretary Renaud further mentioned that the aircraft is fuel-efficient one, which will allow Air Seychelles to save on both fuel and operating costs, as well as helping the nation in its efforts for sustainability.

He further mentioned that the Airbus A320neo’s fuel efficiencies mirrors national ambitions for sustainability and support for a greener future. Therefore, showing the world how far the Seychelles’ dedication to the environment goes.

“The paradise flycatchers needs us, and we need them. “Veuve” is meaningful in another sense – the paradise flycatcher is a delicate bird, once critically endangered, but today with a future that is brighter because we chose, as a nation, as citizens, as a family, with our friends, to nurture its survival,” said the Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine in his speech.

Commenting on the new addition to the Air Seychelles fleet, Mrs. Sherin Francis Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) stated that the symbolism of the name behind the plane is not only a pride for Seychelles but also for the conservation ideologies, the destination defends with vehemence.

“It is a pleasure for STB to be present at such a memorable event for our partners. We can only applaud our partners for their consistency and hard work to make the company prosper amidst adversity.

This new plane is the beginning of a new chapter in Air Seychelles history. It gives us more confidence to maintain our great promotion work of the destination,” said Mrs. Francis.

“The arrival of “Veuve” definitely marks the start of a new chapter in the development of the national airline, the increase in seat capacity available on the aircraft will enable Air Seychelles to continue delivering a significant contribution towards both the growth of tourism and the Seychelles economy.” said the Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Alan Renaud.

The aircraft, named “Veuve” after the endangered bird commonly known as the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher, is a symbol of hope and prosperity for the Seychelles.

On Monday August 12, 2019, Air Seychelles’ brand new Airbus A320neo aircraft operated its official flight between Seychelles and the capital of Gauteng, Johannesburg, amongst the passengers for this favourable occasion was Ms. Jenifer Sinon STB Deputy Chief Executive.