Shanghai to HoChiMinh City on Vietjet Air

Vietjet Air has recently introduced a new flight route connecting Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam with Shanghai in China. Flights are available seven days a week, allowing for frequent travel between the two destinations. With a flight duration of just over 4 hours each way, this route offers a convenient option for both local residents and tourists. The establishment of this route signifies enhanced connectivity between Ho Chi Minh City and Shanghai, China’s largest city.

As a result, it is expected to facilitate the growth of high-quality products, services, trade partnerships, and investment opportunities between these two bustling cities. Ho Chi Minh City, which boasts a population of nearly 9 million, serves as a vital economic, cultural, and tourism center in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. It also acts as a significant transportation hub, providing seamless access to numerous domestic and international destinations. Since 2014, Vietjet has been operating flights connecting Vietnam and China, initially focusing on routes catering to Chinese tourists visiting popular destinations.