Shipments of embarrassments rose 13 % in 2023.

Embraer produced 181 aircraft in 2023, a 13 % increase over the company’s 160 deliveries from 2022. Supply chain difficulties that the company is still dealing with have an impact on 2023 sales.
The agency’s delay increased by 1.2 billion US YoY, reaching the highest amount ever seen since 1Q18 in 2023, totaling$ 18.7 billion.
With consistent require across its entire product line and widespread customer acceptance in both the financial and port markets, Executive Aviation maintained its sales speed. The company unit had a book-to-bill balance of more than 1.3:1 at the end of the time, as well as an unpaid$ 4.3 billion queue, or US$ 400 million in YoY growth. The number of light jet deliveries in 2023 was the highest in 7 years, with a U increase of 12 %. Additionally, 41 medium jet sales experienced double-digit annual growth of 14 %.
With the C- 390 Millennium winning the Large Transport Aircraft ( LTA ) II public tender to supply the new military transport aircraft, South Korea was in the spotlight in Defense &amp, Security. The nation is Asia’s first buyer for the C-390 Millennium. Additionally, the initial Houston- 390 Millenium with NATO configuration entered service for the Portuguese Air Force late last year.
The Netherlands chose the plane in 2022, followed by Austria and the Czech Republic in that year. The delay of negotiations involving the 11 airplane has not yet been included in Embraer Defense &amp, Security, which has a sizable potential for the upcoming quarters. The company ‘ system delay in 4Q23 is US$ 2.5 billion, or a US$ 100 million expansion YoY.
In Commercial Aviation, E-Jets home sales increased by 12 % YoY from 57 planes in 2022 to 64, supported by an increase of more than 1.1:1 in book-to-bill. The E2 party stood out because its sales increased by more than twofold from 19 plane in 2022 to 39 in the following year. In 4Q23, the business unit delay reached 298 aircraft, for an$ 8.8 billion total and a U growth of$ 200 million.
In addition to their current 50 aviation agency orders, Porter Airlines exercised its buy rights and placed a company order for 25 Embraer E195- E2 passenger jets. The American aircraft currently has 25 remaining purchase rights and 46 firm orders that need to be delivered. Additionally, American Airlines has signed 4 E175 plane in the past, and 2 more were ordered in December, adding to the delay.
Services &amp, Support had a$ 3.1 billion queue at the end of 2023, which was the highest levels ever recorded. Renewing contracts for complete aircraft maintenance programs like the Pool Program for Commercial Aviation and Embraer Executive Care for Executive Aviation are among the delay. These long-term contracts in the queue primarily protect pool contracts as well as other services like technical support, maintenance, repair, and spare parts.
When the business unit announced a package that doubled its preservation support capacity for executive jets in the United States, its growth momentum accelerated even more.
With the addition of 3 Executive Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul ( MRO ) facilities in Dallas Love Field, Texas, Cleveland, Ohio, and Sanford, Florida, the expansion will support the company’s ongoing customer growth.
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