Sky Angkor Airlines has been migrated to QUICK Passenger Retailing System

TravelSky Technology Limited  announce dthat Sky Angkor Airlines has been migrated to QUICK Passenger Retailing System and is the first customer. With QUICK, Sky Angkor Airlines now uses a state-of-the-art system supporting its growth strategy, servicing its group business as well as the individual ticket sales through multiple channels. It is the first time that Sky Angkor Airlines is able to use a single system for all markets served throughout Asia. Sky Angkor Airlines has further chosen to expand its sales channels in a phased approach and will soon be available in Sabre GDS next to its own Website.

In addition, Sky Angkor Airlines now benefits from the enhanced connections to other TravelSky products like the DCS and has also been able to connect to all other deployed 3rd Party systems provided by its partners.

“After our successful implementation of Sky Angkor Airlines, it is now proven that QUICK is ready to be used in the international market to help airlines with system needs to cover ever increasing demands of their customers.” Lars Gaebler, Director Marketing and Sales of QUICK PRS said recently and also pointed out in regards to the further market positioning of QUICK “… the midterm strategy is to become a trusted vendor for airlines in the range of 1.5 to 6 Mio. passengers a year, however we will make sure that our functionality roll out happens step by step and we are therefore also interested to speak to smaller airlines and will be able to cater for their requirements”.

“Our live has become a bit easier with the use of a single system in this very competitive market”, said Hee Seong Lee, Sales and Marketing Manager of Sky Angkor Airlines and added “We believe that we made a the right decision choosing QUICK, as we can see how the system is following and anticipating the international distribution trends, but also allows us to serve our key market in China with its special characteristics well. We will increase our individual sales business in the future and needed a system which helps us to support our distribution strategy.”

QUICK is a hybrid system composed of features derived from a traditional Passenger Service Solution (PSS) and e-commerce tools, hence referred to as a Passenger Retailing System. QUICK is in progress to enhance functionality further and offers already a complete solution for start-up airlines and those being interested in extending their retail capabilities. QUICK simplifies the IT management within airlines by providing a single system with a unified database to minimize problems with data transactions, but at the same time offering access to this database via API’s for import and export of additional data, should the airline require to do so. QUICK supports the airline to get control over their data, get to know their bookers and passengers and uses modern technology for a cost effective distribution. QUICK features latest technology around IATA’s ONE Order philosophy and a fully integrated xml API, following the NDC Standards, on a new platform and the first developed with this mentality in mind.