Southwest Airlines: Redesigned chairs, clothes, and houses

Southwest Airlines Co. announced that its room amenities and interiors will be redesigned, adding a new and distinctive looks.
The RECARO-provided fresh airplane seats are included in this update. Also, Southwest is giving over 53, 000 employees a uniform refresh that gives them an up-to-date appearance.
Beginning the following season, Southwest Airlines does work with the transportation design company Tangerine to introduce a new cabin interior for its innovative aircraft deliveries. This updated style is the result of extensive research that looked into how customers and employees felt about color, comfort, and their preferred onboard experience.
Based on customer research and product testing, Southwest has partnered with RECARO, a provider of airplane tickets, to offer comfortable chairs.
The pillow cushion on the newly created RECARO seats can be adjusted in a variety of ways to give the head and neck much support. By carefully utilizing seats width and providing total support, the seat is built to increase comfort. A personal electrical system owner is also included with each chair.
The Uniform Inspiration Team, a group of 75 Southwest people, is working with Design Collective by Cintas, the company that sells clothing at the moment, and Bonnie Markel, an expert in consistent company consulting and fashion styling, to give Southwest workers in airport-related positions like Inflight Operations, Ground Optics, Cargo and Technical Operations new looks.
SOURCE: Southwest Airlines: Updated Cabins, New Seating, and Uniforms BY: eTurboNews |ETN 

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