Spirit Airlines Flights 6 Month Old Unaccompanied to Wrong Florida Airport

A six-year-old son who was traveling alone to visit his mother over the Christmas festivals was falsely boarded on the wrong flight, according to US budget airline Spirit Airlines.
A younger child from Philadelphia was traveling to Florida last year. However, due to a regrettable error on the part of the flight, he was falsely told to go to another city instead.
At Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, the boy’s aunt was waiting for him. only to be shocked when the ship informed them that the child had no boarded the Spirit Airlines flight. The child’s bag was there, but he or she was not.
There are some similarities between the Spirit Airlines disaster story and” Home Alone 2: Burned in New York.” This comic, which was released in 1992, centers on Macaulay Culkin’s character becoming separated from his home while they are traveling by air. As a result, he ends up in New York rather than Miami.
Fortunately, the boy was able to get in touch with his grandmother and let her know that he had arrived safely at Orlando Airport, which is about 160 miles ( 260 kilometers ) northeast of Fort Myers Airport and where she was waiting for him.
Ramos mentioned that Spirit Airlines had suggested paying for her grandson’s vacation to Orlando. She did, however, express a strong desire to learn more about how his nephew ended up in Orlando, the circumstances surrounding it, whether the aircraft helped him disembark the plane after receiving the necessary documents from his mother, and whether he inadvertently boarded the incorrect plane on his own.
On December 21,” an unsupervised child traveling from Philadelphia to Fort Myers was mistakenly boarded on a journey to Orlando,” Spirit Airlines confirmed on Saturday. The child “was always under the care and supervision of a Spirit Team Member, and as soon as we discovered the problem, we took immediate steps to connect with the home,” it was stated.
Spirit Airlines confirmed that an unaccompanied small who was traveling from Philadelphia to Fort Myers was falsely boarded for an Orlando journey.
As soon as the problem was discovered, quick steps were taken to get in touch with the family, the airline emphasized that the child was always being watched over and accompanied by a Spirit group member.
Spirit Airlines has started looking into the matter and expressed regret to the community.
SOURCE: Spirit Airlines Flights Unsupervised to Wrong Florida Airport with a 6-year-old. 

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