Survey: Airline passengers prefer paper over mobile for boarding

Technology makes many aspects of traveling easier but most people still prefer to present a printed boarding pass when checking in at airline gates, according to surveys conducted by GO Airport Express.

Of the 375 respondents, 65 percent said they present a printed boarding pass instead of a QSR code or other electronic documentation via phone or other mobile device.

At 37 percent, men were slightly more likely than women (35 percent) to use mobile.

Some noted they bring both printed copies of the boarding pass in addition to their phone because “you never know when computers are going to be down or the technology won’t work.”

“Going paperless may be a goal for many, but these results show travelers still want a paper boarding pass to show just to be safe,” says John McCarthy, president, GO Airport Express. “Phones die, batteries wear out and computers crash, and no one wants to be left behind due to document issues.”