Take a Chance or Fly Air France: Air France launches new campaign 1

Take a Chance or Fly Air France: Air France launches new campaign

Today, Air France launches a new advertising campaign “Take a Chance or Fly Air France” promoting the inclusive benefits of the airline’s competitive economy fares: in-flight entertainment, warm meals, and champagne.
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The campaign reminds travelers that these amenities are critical to an enjoyable flight, and takes aim at the budget carriers that do not include them in their deceptively low fares. While the cost of a ticket on a discount carrier may seem lower, unanticipated fees for basic services add up.

“At Air France, we believe that each flight should be a pleasant precursor to your travels and that no matter which cabin you fly in, all passengers have a right to a great meal, entertainment, and—for those of age—champagne,” said Stephane Ormand, Vice President & General Manager USA of Air France. “Low-cost carrier fares can be deceptive because they charge substantial fees for basic services at every step along the journey. At the end of the day, the cost of an Air France Economy ticket, with all its included luxuries, is competitive.”

In cheeky fashion, “Take a Chance of Fly Air France” promotes faux products designed to keep passengers at ease when flying airlines that lack or charge for basic services.

The faux products include:

• 5 foot scroll of Sudoku puzzles for flights without free entertainment
• Scratch-and-sniff boeuf bourguignon meal patch for flights without free hot meals
• Champagne gummies for flights without free champagne

The campaign is comprised of a video, social content, and display advertising. The product will be distributed by a special vending machine at The Grove in Los Angeles on March 24. The vending machine will also give out a limited number of golden tickets good for two round-trip tickets on Air France.

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