Takeoff disaster narrowly avoided at Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Russian S7 airline’s Boeing 737-800 jet almost ran out of runway during takeoff from Moscow Domodedovo Airport. The jet raised a cloud of dust and destroyed lighting units beside the strip but was still able to get into the air.

The incident, which could have ended in a tragedy for the more than 150 people on board, occurred early on Monday and was caught on CCTV cameras at Domodedovo airport, some 22 kms south-west of the capital.

The carrier confirmed the emergency situation, adding that it didn’t prevent the jet from completing its flight and safely landing at Simferopol airport.

A check of the plane revealed damage to the chassis, which resulted in a delay to its return flight. Flightradar24 says the aircraft in question is currently withdrawn from flying.

Five lighting units were destroyed during the botched takeoff, with broken glass scattered all around, but operations at Domodedovo airport were unhindered.