The fresh Pisa aircraft switch is approved.

The fresh 6, 200 square metre building will be built after the planned land reclamation operation is complete, and the latest terminal’s growth will bring the new area of over 12, 000 square meters to a close.
With over 5.1 million qualified passengers, the airport now ranks among the top 10 Italian airports in terms of traffic generated. The plan calls for the gradual implementation of these improvements.
The works, which will last for at least two years and cost 80 million dollars in total, have been given to the in-house business, Toscana Costruzioni, a partnership between Cemes and Tuscan Aeroporti. In the railroad, power, airport, and construction sectors, Toscana Costruzioni has experience building infrastructures and legal works.
Toscana Aeroporti’s CEO, Roberto Naldi, made the following statement:
” We are giving way to the largest investment plan previously implemented at Pisa airport with the tasks approved by the board of managers.”
Since Toscana Aeroporti began operating, more than 180 million dollars have been invested in the development of the Pisan Airport, if we add to the 80 million dollars from the master program the over 100 million that have already been spent to inspire visitors.
These are necessary investments to maintain the aircraft present, which views Pisa as a crucial airport for the expansion of the system.
Toscana Aeroporti S. p. A, which was established on June 1, 2015, as a result of the acquisition of SAT- Società aeroporto Toxcano, is in charge of both Pisa Airport and Florence Airport. ( the administration firm of the Pisa airport’s Galileo cells airport ) and AdF- Aeroporto di Firenze S. p. A. ( the organization in charge of the airports in Florence Amerigo Vespucci) The main office of ENAC is in Rome, Italy.
The New Pisa Airport Terminal is approved by the following sources: eTurboNews 

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