The India COVID horror virus calls for adjustments by airlines worldwide 1

The India COVID horror virus calls for adjustments by airlines worldwide

  1. The India COVID-19 variant carries two mutations including the L452R and E484Q which have been seen separately before in other variants but never together in one variant.
  2. In light of the spread of the B1.617 COVID variant, FlyersRights renewed its call for social distancing on planes and at airports in the United States, temperature checks, rapid testing, and waiver of change fees. The World Tourism Network wants IATA and ICAO to take this initiative on a global platform.
  3. In a letter to the US Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and FAA Administrator Steve Dickson, highlighted how studies show that blocking middle seats significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced Friday that the state has confirmed the first case of the India variant of COVID-19 B1.617, which has been dubbed a “double-mutant” variant.

Working against it is a new double mutation version of the deadly COVID-19 virus making it spread faster and deadlier. In India, this version killed more than 200,000 people as of Wednesday and counted for a never-before-seen record of 362,757 new infections in just one day.

US-based Flyers Rights organization under the leadership of attorney Paul Hudson rang the alarm bells appealing to airlines to add safety features. For US airlines, Hudson wants the middle seat open again and additional measures to assure social distancing in airlines and airports.

Currently, many airlines fly at capacity on passenger flights in the United States. Leisure travel has been picking up tremendously.

Even though Flyers Rights specifically deals with US airlines only, World Tourism Network echoed the request to be implemented worldwide and in global cooperation. World Tourism Network is asking IATA and ICAO to support Flyers Rights.

Flyers Rights sent this urgent letter to US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg:

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