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The second washing prayer beads are presented by Saudi Arabia.

The first set of prayer beads, ProtectTasbih, was created in collaboration with creative agency partners. It serves a dual purpose by easily fusing the moral act of tashbah with the added benefit of hand sanitization. By showcasing a harmonious fusion of ethnic reverence and modern health consciousness, this ground-breaking innovation redefines the traditional meditation beads.
Tea tree oil is used as a cleansing component in meditation beads because it is effective against many different types of bacteria and breaks the cell membrane of the germs themselves. A strong thread was produced by molding the oil into a semi-solid compound.
Vice President of Marketing at Saudi Arabia, Mr. Essam Akhonbay, claims:
” At Saudia, our dedication to the welfare of all of our visitors is of the utmost importance.”
” We take pride in introducing a special product that improves the journey experience and enables our visitors to completely immerse themselves in their spiritual voyage.”
To maintain a healthier and more hygienic trip voyage, the new revolutionary item will be available on board for all Saudi Arabian visitors. Additionally, protectors were dispersed throughout the sacred city of Makkah.
At the APEX Official Airline Ratings awards, Saudi Arabia recently received the” World Class Airlines 2024″ designation for the second time in a row. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has moved up 11 positions in the World Best Airlines 2023 Skytrax Airlines rank. According to a Cirium report, the Airline was also ranked first among international airlines for best on-time performance ( OTP). Saudi Arabia has expanded to become one of the biggest airlines in the Middle East. Since 2012, it has been a member of SkyTeam as well as the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) and the Arab Air Carriers Organization ( AACO ).
Saudia Presents the First Sanitizing Prayer Beads in the World by: eTurboNews |ETN 

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