The top airline in the world for 2024 is Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand has been named the safest aircraft for 2024 by the health and product rating website AirlineRatings .com, taking the top spot from Qantas, the winner from last year.
The top 25 carriers, including Air New Zealand, are officials in safety, technology, and the introduction of new aircraft, according to Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of AirlineRatings .com.
Thomas emphasized the proximity of the competition by pointing out the extremely small safety margin between Air New Zealand and Qantas, which was only 1.5 points apart.
Air New Zealand, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Finnair, Alaska Pacific Airlines, SAS, Korean Air, SVA Air; British Airways; Greek Airlines; Lufthansa/Swiss Group; KLM; Air France, Air Canada Group, and United Airlines are among the top 25 safest carriers for 2024.
Low-cost Safest Airlines for 2024
via the newsroom of JetStar
According to Mr. Thomas, a group of 20 low-cost airlines have received recognition for their exceptional safety procedures and lower event rates. These airlines have a strong health culture, ensuring that passengers have safe journeys.
Cebu Pacific, Sun Country, Spirit, Westjet, JetBlue, Air Arabia, Indigo, and Eurowings are on the list, along with Jetstar, easyJet, Ryanair, Wizz, Norwegian, Frontier, Vueling, Vietjet; Southwest, Volaris; Flydubai; and AirAsia Group ( including AirAirSialia X; AirAnda Philippines ); and JetAir. SOURCE: In 2024, Air New Zealand will be the most popular airline in the world. 

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