Tips for comfortable holiday air travel

As the world gears up for one of its biggest travel seasons, here are a few tips to avoid the fatigue of air travel and promote a comfortable journey:

1. Leg room:

Sufficient leg room is important when flying, so travelers are prompted to store their luggage in overhead bins in order to easily stretch out their legs. Not all aircraft offer the same amount of leg room, but there are numerous websites were travelers can research the leg room of their seat before booking.

2. Neck and head support:

Sleeping on planes can be challenging, but a top-quality neck pillow can make all the difference. However, not all pillows are created equal. When purchasing a travel pillow, air travelers should pick a travel pillow based on if they are a stomach, side, or back sleeper. Window passengers can use the age-old trick of using the aircraft wall as support!

3. Lumbar support:

Lumbar support is the unsung hero of long flights for many travel experts. Good lumbar support fills the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat and follows the natural inward curve of the lower back. A simple way to create this kind of support is to place a pillow or a rolled-up blanket or jacket behind the lower back.

4. Keep those legs up:

Another way for passengers to eliminate pressure on their lumbar spine is to sit with their knees slightly higher than their hips. Passengers are encouraged to take advantage of a seat with a footrest, and those without a footrest can easily use their carry-on bag to kick up their feet!

5. Plenty of entertainment and/or peace and quiet:

Whether it’s a crying baby, a chatty neighbor or the hum of the engine, loud noises can ruin a peaceful flight. Bring a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and listen to music or watch a show on the inflight entertainment system or a personal device.