Top 10 travel destinations for solo travelers this year

  • Iceland is an exceptionally safe country, with a safety level score of 76.2 and a crime level score of 23.8.
  • Malta is known for its historical ties to multiple dynasties and the many fortresses and temples that they’ve left behind.
  • Portugal is known for its beautiful landscapes, beaches and architecture, and great seafood, but it’s also a friendly and safe country too.

If you’re the sort of person who likes to throw their bags in luggage storage straight upon arrival and get out there exploring a new city on your own, then have you ever thought about setting off on your own solo adventure?

Whether your friends haven’t quite caught the travel bug like you, you hate being burdened by having to plan around other people, or you simply want to set off with a backpack and see where the journey takes you, there are plenty of reasons why traveling alone can be a super rewarding experience.

Solo travel opens up a lot of opportunities and freedoms, allowing you to make your own agenda, make new friends, and grow as a person.

But whether you’re straight out of high school embarking on a gap year or looking for a new experience later in life, traveling on your own can be a pretty daunting experience, so the travel experts have analyzed a number of destinations around the world to find out which are the best, safest, and most affordable places for solo travel.

The results of this study were released today revealing the best countries in the world for solo travel in 2021.

The research looked at factors such as cost of public transport, crime and safety, temperature, cost of hotel stay, quality of hostels, bars, restaurants, attractions, group activities and rainfall. 

The top 10 countries for solo travel:

Rank Country Solo Travel Score /10
1 Iceland 7.29
2 Malta 6.34
3 Portugal 6.21
4 Croatia 6.20
5 Spain 5.88
6 Belize 5.86
7 Montenegro 5.82
8 Japan 5.67
9 Slovenia 5.58
10 Ireland 5.48
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