Tour operator schauinsland-reisen secures the travel tech competence of Airxelerate

The Berlin-based travel tech start-up Airxelerate expands its group of investors and wins tour operator schauinsland-reisen as a new investor. The company assembles unique tech experience in air and leisure distribution. 

German tour operator schauinsland-reisen is investing in the Berlin-based travel tech provider Airxelerate. Schauinsland-reisen thus secures access to the company’s innovative software solutions, which have been tailor-made designed both for the needs of airlines and travel trade.

Markus Förster, Head of Flight Purchasing at schauinsland-reisen states: Intelligent and flexible software solutions are a key to successfully setting up our capacity management and price control in the future. Our investment in Airxelerate is an important contribution to it.

Airxelerate Managing Director Nina Sifi adds: With schauinsland-reisen we win a strong partner representing the same corporate values ​​and enabling us to position Airxelerate in a growth-oriented and future-proof way.

High-performance interfaces enable high efficiency

Founded in 2018 the Berlin-based travel tech company grow by its unique experience in airline distribution. With its Calisto product line, Airxelerate offers a cloud-based distribution platform for the airline market that enables a direct connection to tourism partners and B2B customers. Calisto Automate, part of Calisto product line, is a fully customizable drag & drop solution supporting airlines and tour operator in robotic process automation and costumer communication.

Calisto Distribution Platform is made for seamless integration into existing pooling interfaces such as to leading tour operator inventory and distribution systems, opening new distribution channels with very little effort. Airlines are enabled to place exclusive content as well as dynamic availabilities, and react instantly to market changes.

Airxelerate was founded in Berlin in 2018. In addition to developing its own Calisto product line, the company also develops tailor-made IT solutions for tourism companies. The shareholder portfolio also includes International Carrier Consult, a leading airline representative in Germany.

About Airxelerate

Airxelerate is connecting airlines and travel companies and bridges the technology gap between them. With agile structures, modern technology and cloud-based solutions Airxelerate reduces its customers complexity and costs. 

The founder team combines decades of expertise in travel tech, being previously responsible for managing former Air Berlin’s commercial IT systems.