Tourism icon Eduardo Fayos-Solá died

Eduardo Fayos-Solá (Spain) passed away this morning. He is seen as one the icons in the travel and tourism industry for decades.

He was the Executive  Vice President of the Wine Tourism Association of Spain; the Senior Adviser International Institute for Tourism Studies George Washington University, USA.

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He devoted decades of his life to be considered the pioneer of tourism education. Eduardo was responsible for building up the UNWTO knowledge and learning systems and has a senior position in the Spanish Tourism authority.

Eduardo FayosSolà was President of the Ulysses Foundation and Professor of Applied Economics and Tourism Policy and was the man behind Ulysee awards. Created UNWTO Quality of University system.

Eduardo FayosSolà bio on the UNWTO website was removed by the current leadership.

Former UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai said:” I am terribly shocked. I had great respect for the man God bless his soul.”