Travel alert! Everyday Carry Shirt to prevent pickpocketing?

A former U.S. State Department Security Officer has a safety message for business travelers and advice for tourists with a solution for everyone carrying a smartphone, a passport, or a wallet when on the road. His name is David Bowers and his message is the Everyday Carry Shirt.

David Bowers created a solution on how to get a handle on the increased risk of being a victim of a petty crime like pickpocketing. Obviously, if your wallet, handbag, passport, phone, or laptop is stolen when out of town or worse when exploring a foreign country,  this can cause serious disruption to your vacation or business trip. In some cases, thefts can result in confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

This Everyday Carry Shirt is not only a new product, but a new kind of product for those seeking a blend of concealment, comfort, accessibility, and safety for everyday carry items we can’t leave home without.

The Everyday Carry Shirt  is a more comfortable and concealed option for carrying items such as wallets, knives, multi-tools, passports, cell phones, flashlights, a small handgun, and other everyday carry items. It’s the most versatile everyday carry and anti-pickpocketing shirt on the market.

“The concept came from the those in the everyday carry community that wanted an alternative clothing option specifically designed for their everyday carry items that are comfortable and accessible yet don’t scream “tactical.”

Founder David Bowers noted that during market analysis: “We found that many people want clothing that blends into their business and casual clothing choices without having to dress around their everyday carry or the necessity for backpacks, shoulders bags, or stuffing their pant pockets with everyday carry gear. We found that very few clothing options exist for everyday carry gear, and we’re left having to adapt to traditional apparel.  The product was constructed primarily with concealment and comfort in mind and offers tactical function without tactical style.”

The Everyday Carry Shirt, offered in a variety of styles, appears to be a normal button-down shirt on the outside but is constructed with a sewn-in lightweight patent pending inner-lined mesh vest that includes dual left and right mesh padded pockets that are positioned like shoulder holsters. The front shirt panel includes traditional buttons with two faux buttons for quick and easy access to the pockets.

The pockets are accessible through Velcro flaps for quick access and are connected at the center of the chest with an adjustable connector.

In addition to concealment, comfort was paramount in the design. The “game changer” of this product is the adjustment positioning straps, which allows the user to customize and position the vest pockets in the underarm-torso cavity area that best fits the user’s body type. The product is not a one-size-fits-all and was designed for ultimate comfort while sitting or standing.

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