Travel to Hawaii without restrictions for visitors

  1. Currently more than 50 percent of all people residing in Hawaii are fully vaccinated.
  2. Starting June 15, interisland travel will be available without restrictions.
  3. Hawaii will be moving to restriction-free travel for everyone.

Hawaii Governor David Ige today announced the “Safe Travel” initiative restricting travel to the Aloha State will be eliminated, once 70 percent of every resident in Hawaii is fully vaccinated. At this time, more than 50 percent are vaccinated in Hawaii.

Once 70 percent of all residents are vaccinated, all mask-wearing requirements including the indoors will be lifted.

Starting June 15, inter-island travel will be made available without restrictions.

Once 55 percent of all residents in Hawaii are vaccinated, such vaccinated residents will be able to travel to the other US states and territories and return to Hawaii without any further testing. This is also expected to start on June 15, 2021.

Once 60 percent of all residents in Hawaii are vaccinated, everyone, including tourists, that are fully vaccinated can travel to Hawaii without any additional testing.

Once 70 percent of all residents in Hawaii are vaccinated, all travel restrictions to the state will be lifted, opening the Aloha State up again for travel and tourism as it was prior to the pandemic.

Hawaii’s Governor announced many local restaurants and merchants will be giving special rates to vaccinated guests throughout the month of June.

Governor Ige, however, warned such freedom may be restricted if the pandemic develops in an unexpected way.

Hawaiian Airlines will donate 1 million miles to be awarded to a lucky resident getting vaccinated in the state.

The lifting of restrictions only applies to US domestic travel.