Two emergency landings in one day, three in 8 days – what’s wrong with Russia’s Ural Air?

For the second time today, Russia’s Ural Airlines’ passenger jet was forced to make emergency landing. It happened at the Gelendzhik airport.

According to the CEO of the airline Sergey Skuratov, planes ‘problems’ were ‘insignificant’, no passengers were injured and disembarked safely. According to some reports, the problem for the emergency landing was overheating of the engine.

Earlier today, Ural Airlines flight from Tel Aviv made an emergency landing at Sochi airport. The aircraft apparently had problems with pneumatics of the left landing dear. However, all 160 passengers on board were ok and disembarked safely.

On August 15, an aircraft, also owned by Ural Airlines, was forced to land immediately after taking off from Zhukovsky Airport, on a cornfield with idle engines and no landing gear. There were 233 people on board, including crew members. Several dozen people were injured during hard landing. The aircraft itself was damaged beyond repair and will be scrapped.

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