UK Civil Aviation Authority: Ryanair take care of your passengers now!

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Ryanair needs to comply with UK Civil Aviation Authority instructions by 5 pm today, Friday, September 29 or the airline will be fined.

Ryanair failed to take care of thousands of customers affected by its flight cancellations and is deliberately violating  European air passengers’ rights under regulation EU261.

The CAA has instructed Ryanair to tell passengers they are entitled to be rerouted by another carrier, reimburse their expenses, and commit to helping passengers who chose an unsuitable option on the grounds of misleading information.

The CAA has launched enforcement action against Ryanair for persistently misleading passengers with inaccurate information regarding their rights.

The regulator’s chief executive Andrew Haines had previously said he was “furious” with the carrier after it canceled an extra 18,000 flights in a move that would affect 400,000 people.

As reported by Travel Weekly UK Ryanair also pledged: “In order to focus on repairing this rostering problem, Ryanair will eliminate all management distractions starting with its interest in Alitalia.