UK to scrap mandatory PCR tests for vaccinated travelers 1

UK to scrap mandatory PCR tests for vaccinated travelers

  • UK to end PCR tests for fully vaccinated travelers.
  • ETOA praises UK officials’ move to end PCR test mandate,
  • The removal of requirement for double vaccinated is “most welcome”.

As speculation circulates over the removal of mandatory PCR tests for double vaccinated arrivals in the UK Tom Jenkins, CEO of ETOA, has made the following comments:

“The PCR testing regime has proved impractical, expensive and a major contributing factor to huge delays at borders. It is also at times absurd. Anyone travelling out of the UK for less than 36 hours has to take their “pre arrival” test in the UK, in order to prove that they are safe to return to the UK. So its removal for those double vaccinated is most welcome.

Tom Jenkins, CEO of ETOA

“But it is vital that this relaxation is extended to all visitors who are double vaccinated, not just Brits. The UK has effectively isolated itself from incoming visitors and it has slipped behind all other destinations in Europe as a result. Whilst the £30 billion incoming tourism industry has suffered an almost total loss over the last two years, we urgently need to repair our image as a welcoming and straightforward destination to visit. The longer the delay, the more extensive the damage to UK economy.”

Currently, in order to enter the UK, traveler must have proof of a negative COVID-19 test at your departure airport, taken within 3 days of your flight to England. The test must meet the rules and standards outlined by the UK Government.

ETOA (European tourism association) is the trade association for tour operators and suppliers in European destinations, from global brands to local independent businesses. 

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