United States tops new world’s passport ranking

  • The United States of America ranked 10th in the Mobility Index, 4th in the Investment Index, and 23rd in the Quality of Life Index. 
  • If you choose the Enhanced Mobility and the Investment Indexes, both will be topped by Singapore.
  • The top country in the Quality of Life Index is Sweden.

The passport rankings of old are broken. Having access to a country, visa-free, is of course important, but should the quality of life, employment, human rights and many other elements not play something of a role when we list the world’s best passports?

Foreign Minister Riad Maliki of the State of Palestine and Foreign Affairs Mark Brantley of St Kitts and Nevis signed a visa-free waiver agreement at the 60th anniversary of the Non-Aligned Movement in Serbia this week.

Travel experts re-evaluated thousands of data sources, pulling together the data that matters, including visa free access, but adding in mobility,  investment opportunity and quality of life offered by each destination into a new, life-centric index that adds to the outdated rankings of old. The right of visa-free passage is but a part of the value of any given destination, this Passport Index harmonizes the data and ranks countries in a more holistic manner.

Enlisting quantitative analysts with extensive experience in international organizations, analyzing big data projects for the likes of UNESCO, OECD, and Inter-American Development Bank, the Global Passport Index presents a new methodology to measure the overall attractiveness of each country for relocation, investment, or dual citizenship purposes through three standalone indexes: Enhanced Mobility Index, Investment Index, and Quality of Life Index. 

Each index enables users to filter results for individual country rankings, using 11 different indicators originated by reputable sources such as the World Economic Forum, Gallup, and the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy

The top 10 passports ranked in the Global Passport Index are respectively:

  1. United States of America
  2. Germany
  3. Canada
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Denmark
  6. Sweden
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Finland
  9. Norway
  10. New Zealand

The United States of America ranked 10th in the Mobility Index, 4th in the Investment Index, and 23rd in the Quality of Life Index. Each index weighs 50% (Mobility) 25% (Investment) 25% (Quality of Life) and with a total score of 96,4, the Global Passport ranked the USA in the pole position. 

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