Visiting Hong Kong now? A surprising Hong Kong Travel update

Travel to Hong Kong is definitely an exciting journey for first-time tourists. At the same time, it’s a routine trip for many that are visiting Hong Kong frequently. Every year, 120 million people make the “City of Lights”  their holiday or business destination.

Hong Kong is currently in the spotlight due to ongoing demonstrations, In a city with so many millions, the news can be quite dramatic. But visiting Hong Kong is actually one of the safest travel experiences a tourist can have.

According to Gunther Johnson, a travel agent from Minneapolis who just returned from a 5-day stay to the City of Lights: “If it wasn’t for the news broadcasting scenes of protestors, we wouldn’t have really noticed too much, but of course we stayed away from the crowds.”

Steadfastly and active in the background, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has been tirelessly working to assure the safety of visitors and at the same time giving travelers a positive travel experience. With the HKTB at the helm, there was no time for suffering, mismanaging, or making a visitor suffer during the demonstrations.

Even when the airport had to close for a day, the HKTB jumped into action and guided visitors through the situation utilizing the city’s most advanced technology.

Hong Kong Tourism Board: Your new best buddy when visiting

Visitors have a friend in Hong Kong. For most tourists, a trip to Hong Kong is a trip of a lifetime. This fascinating megacity has been luring travelers with its exotic offerings and dynamic lifestyle. But a trip of this magnitude can sometimes be daunting – whether it be planning for the trip itself or needing help while in the country. There is a one-stop easy answer for this: The Hong Kong Tourism Board.

This tourism board is not like most tourism boards. Hong Kong’s Tourism Board is highly engaged, efficient, and interactive. Visitors feel the HKTB is like a best friend standing by and ready throughout the day to assist.

One-on-one service

A phone hotline at +852 2508 1234 serves visitors with immediate access to a member with the HKTB.

For visitors to Hong Kong, emailing [email protected] will get a response within 24 hours. Visitors to the website can also find a Web Chat link and get an instant response to their inquiries. Whatever information is needed or question that needs to be answered, tourists are not only welcomed but are encouraged, to contact the HKTB.

Are you planning to travel to HK? The HKTB has a first-rate Visitor Information and Services team which has been answering inquiries and even helping with planning travel itineraries.

Hong Kong welcomes visitors with open arms. Tourists can work with the HKTB directly, provide them with travel dates, and they will help plan your itinerary.

The HKTB is high tech. Visitors can also download LINE app on their smartphones, add “Hong Kong Travel Buddy” to Friends list, and ask for suggestions and the latest travel news in real-time.

The service is helpful, as testified by a recent review from a traveler posted on  TripAdvisor: “ The Hong Kong Travel Buddy service on LINE app provided other alternative shopping on the disruption protest day and updated on the status on the airport situation before I made the trip back home! Appreciate [it] as a companion during my stay!”

Discover Hong Kong: The official HK Tourism Website is the official website of the HKTB. Visitors will find instant updates here which are monitored on a regular basis as the HKTB  keeps current information about the latest situations in the city readily available.

And that is just the beginning of what their website offers – from maps to restaurant guides, hiking suggestions to promotions, and shopping to coupons, everything a tourist could possibly want to know can be found here.

The HKTB loves Travel Agents, too

Travel agents are concerned about the current situation in Hong Kong as well. Therefore, for Travel Agent partners, the HKTB provides channels to obtain the latest information about the city, such as airport and flight updates received from airport websites and through the mobile app, “HKG My Flight.

Updates on traffic and public transportation are provided through the “HKeMobility” mobile app as well as the Transport Department’s website.

It’s not clear how the current protests will play out, but the destination remains a welcoming and safe city for visitors, with an added component of excitement, the Hong Kong protests.

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