WHO & IATA: 3rd Wave of COVID to spread faster, hitting Africa harder

  1. How much of a chance does African aviation and tourism have to re-generate its aviation and travel industry?
  2. A third wave of COVID-19 infections is expected to hit Africa harder and may cause more damage, according to warnings by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  3. The African Tourism Board and World Tourism Network is applauding IATA and are calling for coordination, communication, and well-researched implementations to assure the future of the vital travel and tourism industry on the continent.

How much more punishment can the African Aviation industry take?
This subject and a grim prediction by the World Health Organization was the subject of today’s joined IATA WHO press briefing in Paris.

COVID-19 caused 7 billion US-Dollars in losses and put 7 million lost jobs on the African Continent on hold. 8 airlines in Africa had to file for bankruptcy. Globally aviation took a 413 billion loss. According to IATA a new normal in business is not expected until 2024.

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